ARAMIS 3D Motion and Deformation Sensor

ARAMIS is a non-contact and material-independent measuring system based on digital image correlation. It offers a stable solution for full-field and point-based analyses of test objects of just a few millimeters up to structural components of several meters in size.

The system performs high-precision measurements with a 3D measurement resolution in the sub-micrometer range, regardless of the specimen’s geometry and temperature. There is no need for a time-consuming and expensive preparation. For statically or dynamically loaded specimens and components, ARAMIS provides accurate

• 3D coordinates
• 3D displacements, velocities, accelerations
• Surface strain
• Evaluations of 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF)

‌The ARAMIS measuring data is used to determine material properties. These material properties are typically used as parameters for numerical simulations and contribute to improving the results of finite element simulations. Properties are for example:

• Young’s modulus
• R-value and n-value during tensile tests
• Forming limit curve during Nakajima tests

The 3D measuring data generated by ARAMIS is also used to validate simulation results in prototype and component testing in order to precisely optimize simulations.

Sensor Technology for 3D Motion and Deformation Analysis

Materials research and component testing play an important role in product development. The ARAMIS 3D Camera provides information on the properties of the materials used and the behavior of the products under load. These results form the basis for product durability, geometrical layout and reliable numerical simulations and validations.

‌3D Camera

The ARAMIS 3D Camera is a stereo camera system which delivers precise 3D coordinates based on triangulation and using stochastic patterns or reference point markers.


The integrated GOM Testing Controller not only controls the stage acquisition but also the light management. Furthermore, a software-based programming interface is integrated for preset or user-defined measuring sequences. The GOM Testing Controller fully supports the integration into existing test environments by means of external triggering and analog data acquisition.


‌The live functions of ARAMIS enable a long-term data acquisition without storing individual camera images. This allows the measurement and evaluation of long-term experiments. Measuring results are calculated and displayed instantaneously and are also available for the subsequent post-processing.

The live functions help to develop new application fields for long-term online measurements and the positioning of components. Furthermore, the live functionality can be extended by optical and tactile touch probes and adapters.

TRITOP Photogrammetry

Digital photogrammetry is used in complex or large applications with part sizes of several ten meters to transform multiple ARAMIS projects into a common 3D coordinate system. TRITOP supports the combination of various ARAMIS sensors and measuring areas, e.g. for the evaluation of the deformation behavior of a test object from all sides in one common coordinate system.

‌ARAMIS Professional

‌The ARAMIS Professional software combines the synchronized image and analog data acquisition of the ARAMIS sensors with the evaluation functionalities of the GOM Correlate software.

The complete workflow, including the acquisition of measuring data, the results analysis and the creation of reports, is carried out in the ARAMIS Professional software.

ARAMIS Applications

• Materials research
• Component testing and analysis
• Automotive industry
• Aerospace industry
• Biomechanics
• Research and development

‌Application Notes

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