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‌For 3D Analyses Without Compromise

‌ARAMIS SRX is a high-resolution 3D camera system for full-field and point-based measurements. Up to 2000 frames per second, combined with high stability, process reliability and usability make ARAMIS SRX an ideal measuring system for high-end applications in industrial environments.

‌This Sensor Stands Up to Every Comparison

‌Highly resolving

‌The latest camera technology with two 12-megapixel cameras provides a high spatial resolution. That way, not only small strain but also local strain effects in large measuring areas can be measured.


‌The robust housing design gives stability to the sensor and at the same time reduces the need for sensor calibration for applications in industrial environments.


‌The system can be used out of the box. The exchangeable camera frame and preset and certified measuring lenses allow for a fast adjustment of measuring areas.


‌Controlling the sensor using the GOM Testing Controller ensures stable communication between software and hardware. For a high process reliability of the sensor, image acquisition can be monitored by the trigger assignment within the cameras.

High frequency for rapid applications

ARAMIS SRX has a maximum image recording rate of 335 Hz at full resolution. By reducing the image height, the rate can be increased up to 2000 Hz. This allows capturing an event such as the failure behavior of parts in detail over time.

‌Internal 8-gigabyte memory for high-end applications

‌ARAMIS SRX is designed for high-end applications, which require both capturing an event in detail over time and capturing local effects. The internal memory allows for a combination of high resolution and high speed.

‌HD Mode for Crash Applications

‌The HD mode was developed especially for the use in crash applications. With an image recording rate of 1000 Hz in HD resolution, this mode enables comprehensive analyses of fast processes.

‌Door Slam Motion Analysis